Think Big. Plan Big. Be Big!

Really, the secret sauce to building your biz is growing a solid, 5-star, premium brand. What I have found in the thousands of hours of guiding Entrepreneurs how to build their programming and biz is that they want to go straight to the sexy stuff – websites, marketing, promoting and yes, selling. Boom – walls come up almost immediately. Why you ask? Most don’t want to do the tough work. If you want to be big, you must think big, and act big. The greats of the world never found their fame through luck or fly-by-night actions. The question is, do you have the guts and grit to roll up your sleeves and really…I mean really do this thing? If your answer is YES then read on to see how you can go All in.

The Grow Grid will guide you through a 3-part system to build the biz and brand you have always dreamed of. Stop dreaming and start doing!

Brand Foundation

You Niche, Your Message and the core of your brand and biz

Brand Development

Programming, Buckets of Biz, Pricing and Packaging

Brand Growth

Launch strategy, collaboration, marketing and communication

Where To Start

Now everyone has different levels and experiences in learning, budgets, and time to build their brand and biz. See below a guided map of where to start. The tabbed pages above will show you various ways of how to “get the grid” around any budget, readiness, time and experience. I’m here for you, cause this is what I do!

Niche Worksheet

Your Niche

Your niche is the reason why someone chooses you to work with. Understanding your niche will guide you to your foundational message. Download our worksheet that helps you gain clarity and focus on your niche.

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