It Takes A Village

Some people call it Sponsorship, but in my book, it is about Partnership. I am partnering with dynamic experts that move mountains in biz. Partners that will bring value to each and every attendee throughout the year. It takes a village to build a biz and for me, my village is A-List, rock star experts that will help elevate and grow your biz. Continued gratitude for their partnership.

Premier Partners

Pro and Biz Development at its best? Yes Please! Meet my Premier Partners, members of the KA Inc. training team and THE experts in their field. Premier Partners will train at the following events: The Results Map Experience, The Grow Grid Intensive and The Grow Grid Mastermind. These rock stars service my biz and I am excited that they too can serve you!


Blue Zenith

As a business owner, you know how much work it takes to build a company that stands out from your competition and delivers real value to your customers. But is your web presence (your website, blog, and social media networks) doing all that it can to showcase what you offer? That’s where Blue Zenith comes in. When we begin working with you, we make it our priority to get to know your organization inside and out – your goals, products, services, culture, and brand. From there we are able to build a powerful and compelling web presence that delivers what your customers need and expect, as well as helping you realize your goals to help strengthen your brand.

All About Donna Galassi

Donna Galassi, President and CEO, founded Blue Zenith, a digital marketing agency, in 2009. As a software engineer and with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Donna took her skills in technology and combined them with her love for creative design and Blue Zenith was born. From the start, she knew that building meaningful relationships with her clients was the key to creating uniquely custom websites. As a small business owner, Donna soon became actively involved in the small business community by joining the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and supporting local non-profits that benefit the local community.

Fast forward to today and Blue Zenith creates more than just websites. We build complete online presences for our customers. A website is not just a website, but the number one marketing and branding tool that small businesses rely on to build their business. Even though our digital marketing services have grown, the way we do business has stayed the same: only by understanding how our clients do business with their clients can we focus their message, brand, and online presence to be powerful and true to their business’s vision.

Let Donna serve YOU!



CR Conversations

The philosophy goes like this: We believe that human beings want two things more than anything in this world. The first, is to be heard. We empower YOU to have a powerful message and voice when engaging and working with your clients and partners. The second principle is that we all want to know we matter. Your prospects, customer and collaborative partners are aching to feel needed, necessary and that they have a purpose. How would it feel if on a daily basis you were consistently able to make each person you interact with having a feeling of mattering in this world?

CR Conversations trains their proven program of The Core Conversations to take you through the four processes of strategic communication: Your sales process, a follow-up strategy, a customer retention plan and a customer-selling strategy.

If you are ready to drive results through strategic communication, let’s start a conversation!

All About Katie Myers

Katie is the CEO of CR Conversations and an expert communication strategist. After 6 years in the insurance industry Katie started CR Conversations in May of 2013. Through her proven program The Core Conversations, she guides coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to avoid the entrepreneurial “F” word – failure, in their sales conversations. Katie focuses on the sales process, follow-up strategy, customer retention plan and customer selling strategies to drive results with strategic communication. Katie is a national speaker and trainer and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs gain clarity around what they are saying!

Katie is HUGE animal lover and has 2 dogs, Vinny and Theo and a cat named Greg. She and her boyfriend Henry have been together for 8 ½ years and enjoy cocktail bars and brewery tours with their pups.

Let Katie serve YOU!

The Mullins Agency

Farmers Insurance has been serving clients in Colorado since 2008. In an industry that is heavily male dominated, our all-female team has more than 30 years of insurance experience. Our bilingual agency works with business owners and families to build an insurance plan that protects their assets and provides peace of mind.

Farmers Insurance started serving America in 1928. We have an unwavering commitment to uphold our founding ideals to provide industry-leading products and first-rate services to the customers we’re privileged to serve.

All About Holly Mullins

Holly Mullins is the owner of The Mullins Agency – Farmers Insurance in Colorado. She opened her agency in 2008 and has steadily built a thriving small business. She has received numerous production awards from Farmers Insurance and has been recognized by the local business community with leadership honors. She takes great pride in giving back to her local community. Her bilingual team focuses on educating clients while providing exceptional customer service.

Holly is married and a proud mom to Sedric and Vivian. She enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors and playing her life-long sport of volleyball.

Let Holly serve YOU!

Dovetail Marketing + Design

Amy Johnson is the CEO and Owner of Dovetail Marketing + Design. She is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in corporate marketing and consulting. She’s passionate about growing brands through strategic marketing campaigns that drive results and is committed to client success.

Amy listens, asks the right questions, and develops tactical marketing plans that fit her client’s unique needs. She is truly an A to Z marketer, offering graphics design, content writing, social media marketing and advertising, website design, SEO and analytics, budgeting and planning.

All About Amy Johnson

Amy loves being in the outdoors and taking adventures with her husband, Karl, and two kids, Kaleb and Adison. A Colorado native, she loves to ski, hike, eat good food, and share quality time with family and friends.

Let Amy serve YOU!

Amy Westbrook

Amy is a professional money coach, speaker, and founder of the Money Mojo Formula. Her mission is to help busy professional women manifest greater joy, energy, and financial abundance without sacrificing themselves in the process. Using her 18 years of experience in neuroscience, clients conquer their blind spots, bad habits and baggage around money so they can confidently earn, manage and grow their wealth to entirely new levels.

All About Amy Westbrook

Amy lives in Colorado with her husband, son and fur babies. She’s an avid reader, globe traveler and will dive in for any creative endeavor she can get her hands on!

Let Amy serve YOU!

All About Denise Onofrey

Denise brings coaching to successful entrepreneurs by way of her “Success and You” program. Her proven strategies strengthen the key elements every entrepreneur needs to take themselves and their business to the next level. Denise is the author of the book “Your Relationship with YOU: Strategies to Live Life by Your Rules”, and the creator of two innovative programs for couples and women. Known as The Relationship Strategist, Denise has served hundred of clients behind closed doors. Today Denise brings her strategies to a national audience creating easier and more connected relationships at home and in business.